General Features

What is Contractor Scripts?

Contractor scripts is a reverse auction script similar to Mybuilder, Myhammer and Redbeacon. It is a PHP script to run your own marketplace.

What are the system requirements to run Contractors Script?

Any plain hosting account that supports PHP and MySQL should be able to run it. If you are having troubles getting it up, we do offer free installation to all clients.

Is the full source code included or do you encrypt it?

You'll have the fully unencrypted source code to play with, making it possible to implement your own functionality or integrate your own custom features.

How many websites can I use a license for?

You can run the script on 1 domain name.

Are there any additional (recurring) fees I should know about?

Once you purchase our clone script from us, you'll have complete ownership of it. There are no other hidden or recurring (monthly or yearly) fees involved.

Can you install the script for us?

You can also opt to let us install the script for you at no extra cost.

Is support included when I buy a license?

Free technical support for 1 years is included in the price.

Do you require us to link back? Do we need to pay extra for branding removal?

We don't require you to link back to our site or pay extra to have the copyright removed. You can run it as if the system was developed by your own team.

Do we need our own hosting account or can you host it on your servers for us?

You can choose whether to use our clone script on your own server or host it on the servers maintained by us for a small fee. We keep your site up and running so you can focus on your marketplace.

Do you provide customization services for your script?

Yes we do. Please take a look at the customization section for a full list of services and their rates.

What are the system requirements ro run the script?

It should run on any plain hosting account that support PHP and MySQL. If you have trouble getting it up, we do provide a free install service and are happy to help you set it up.

How do I install the script?

1. edit the config file in "inc/php/config.
2. upload the script to your ftp
3. create a mysql
4. import the mysql dump db
5. edit the paypal api info in "paypalfunctions.php"
6. languages/translations can be edited in "inc/lang"